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The aim of this website is to bring the actions and experiences of those who lived through the Second World War in East Lothian to wider notice.


This will be done through:-   A history of events, eyewitness accounts, photographs, and links to films and filmed interviews.


The development of this site is an on-going process and will take a number of years to complete. Please be patient and revisit to discover updates which are listed below in the Progress Diary.

Author and thanks

Under the aegis of Haddington History Society the information the above contained has been re-written and re-designed by David Haire who is also responsible for the inclusion of additional findings and research and the construction of the website post November 2013. David Elder has supplied many of the contemporary photographs (except where indicated) and grateful thanks to Kevan Gordon (of Fix My Mac, Ormiston) for the construction of the website template and initial pages.

Help us!

It is hoped that you, the reader, will make your own contribution to this website. We would be very grateful for additional evidence and for notification of any errors or omissions you notice. Please send such observations or contributions to the contact email address below. We will always acknowledge your contribution on the site where this contribution is known.

The rural county of East Lothian sits on the southern

coastline of the Firth of Forth in eastern Scotland.

Defending East Lothian
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Fighting Back
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Home Front
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In the Air
Air Accidents*Air_Accidents.html
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Research & Testing
End of the War
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Website Map

The website has six main topics, each with various subtopics. Items marked with * are currently live. The others will follow over time.

NOTE: You can access the site pages via this website map.


The core information on this site is based on research carried out by a group based in Haddington which was inspired and organised by the late Jack Tully Jackson.  This website has been initially constructed around information collated and published by Jack and Ian Brown in two books, “East Lothian at War Volume 1” & “East Lothian at War Volume 2”.  The East Lothian at War website this replaces was based upon these books and has been closed. A significant body of unpublished  information is being added by the site author.

Progress Diary

27th February 2013 - website launched

November 2015     Lennoxlove SLG uploaded under Airfields.

January 2016         Minor alterations to Auxiliary page.

January 2016         Post-war reconstruction page begun.

January 2016         Home Front addition.

April 2016               East Saltoun Home Guard named. PoW toy photos. Air raid: Preston Mains attack eyewitness added. German aircraft section begun.

April 2016               Two letters added to Amisfield PoW camp section.

July 2016                More material added to the Whittingehame Farm School page.

April 2017               Additional contacts listed on the Whittingehame Farm school page.

31st May 2017 - The sad news came that Jack Tully Jackson had passed away at the age of 93. Long to be remembered.

October 2018        Personal histories updates.

February 2019      Uploaded photos of Vaclav Jicha

April 2019              Biography of Jicha in Air Accidents

April 2019              Margaret Begbie, NFS in Personal Histories

April 2019              Additional photo: SLG27 Lennoxlove

February 2020     Home Guard: Longniddry unit photo and member Jim O’Donnell’s story

February 2020     Personal Histories: George Gillan, Dunbar civilian

Personal Histories*Personal_Histories.html
Womens’ Land Army*Womens_Land_Army.html
Timber Corps*Timber_Corps.html
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